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1031 – Shen Kua – bio

Shen Kua was born in 1031 in Zhejiang province in China. He was a mathematician, astronomer, inventor and excelled in many other fields of science. While the chinese may have had compasses as early as 200, it was Shen Kua who first documented the magnetic compass needle, the concept of true north and the use […]

1238 – Yang Hui – bio

Yang Hui was born in Zhejiang province in China in 1238 during the Song Dynasty and was a mathematician who was associated with a triangular array of numbers very similar to Pascals triangle. Just as Pascal did not invent the triangle, Yang Hui seems to have inherited the knowledge of the numbers from Jia Xian, […]

1623 – Pascal – bio

1623 - Pascal - bio

Blaise Pascal was born in 1623 in Clermont, France. He is mostly known as being an outstanding mathematician, but also was a physicist and philosopher. He made significant contributions to the areas of conic sections and projective geometry. Pascal’s triangle is a number matrix in the shape of a triangle with the numbers staggered so […]