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Visual Cortex in USB Form Factor

Housed in a USB key device, the Fathom contains an embedded neural network that can accelerate deep learning with low power requirements. It uses the dedicated Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) chip to provide visual cortex functions in stand alone environments without requiring cloud connectivity. Movidius Announces Deep Learning Accelerator and Fathom Software Framework […]

No Windows in Space

Many representations of life in space include windows in the walls of space ships and space dwellings. There will be no windows in space. As an engineering consideration, windows are “factory installed leaks”. Our electronics continue to grow smaller, more flexible and are starting to become built in to everything in our environment. It will […]

Visual Learning

The rear section of our brain, the occipital lobe, contains a part known as the visual cortex. The visual cortex processes visual sensory information and produces our dreams. When damaged, the visual cortex shows remarkable ability to repair and reprogram functionality. Our brain has the ability to record descriptions of visual scenes using abstract words […]

Hacking With Pictures

This intriguing article offers up some quick and short thoughts on visual hacking. Hacking With Pictures – [quietbabylon.com] 1 – TV hypnotherapy 2 – Images become executable 3 – Retinal scanners 4 – Pokemon seizures 5- Flashbang grenades 6 – 2D bar codes 7 – 2nd Life presentation 8 – Sixth Sense hacking 9 – […]