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Quality Education for Free

If you have not yet taken a look at Khan Academy, you should. KHANACADEMY – [khanacademy.org] Founded by Salman Kahn in 2006, the academy is non-profit educational resource that uses youtube videos as a primary teaching/learning tool. The videos come in a short enough format to keep attention focused, usually in a range from 6-12 […]

Virtual Tourism by Drone

The growing use of video recording from flying drones is opening up a new area of virtual tourism. Many drone produced videos have been posted online and now there are meta-sites which allow us to search and watch the videos based on location. In several cases the sites are linked to google maps and let […]

Third Person Driver Camera System

Using cameras to augment driver vision has eliminated blind spots. This new version uses a selectable view angle to create a third person viewpoint similar to that used in video games. This technology is likely to expand beyond cars and driving to include many aspects of our daily lives. As video I/O points continue to […]

Satellite Launch From Aircraft

Airborne Launch Assist Space Access (ALASA) is a DARPA program designed to launch small satellites into low earth orbit with rockets fired from aircraft at high altitude. This has the ability to reduce costs and planning overhead. ALASA Concept Video [youtube.com] DARPA’s Airborne Launch Assist Space Access program (ALASA) seeks to propel 100-pound satellites into […]

No Windows in Space

Many representations of life in space include windows in the walls of space ships and space dwellings. There will be no windows in space. As an engineering consideration, windows are “factory installed leaks”. Our electronics continue to grow smaller, more flexible and are starting to become built in to everything in our environment. It will […]

Ubiquitous Video Capture

Ubiquitous means “present everywhere”. Ubiquitous video capture means being able to capture video of what is happening around us all the time, and everywhere. For many years, we have been moving in this direction, mostly with traffic cameras and security cameras. Smartphone cameras are becoming ubiquitous. Police cruiser dashcams have become commonplace. Video records of […]

MeCam Coptor Follows, Streams Video

A handsize mini-copter that follows you around or accepts voice commands and streams video of yourself to your phone or tablet. It’s being marketed as an “accessory” to smartphones at $49. MeCam: Self video nano copter to point-and-stream yourself – [alwaysinnovating.com] Oops, Always Innovating has innovated again! We have introduced hardware to Social Networking and […]

Predator Object Tracking

Figuring out how to track objects in a video stream is a solution for many problems. There are a variety of applications waiting for more sophisticated software in this area. Most objects change in many ways as they move through the timespace of frames in video. They can move, they can rotate and the qualities […]

Salt Grain Sized Camera

Microcameras may soon be built into almost everything, dramatically changing the way we collect video images and use them. As cameras become very small, they also become so cheap as to be disposable and that means they can be used in almost everything we manufacture, including our clothing and wall surfaces. Cameras out of the […]