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1500 – Fontana/Tartaglia – bio

Niccolo Fontana was born in Brescia, Italy around 1500 and became known as Tartaglia, which was a knickname meaning stammerer; the result of sabre wounds to his jaw. In 1537 he wrote Nova Scienta, which applied mathematical principles to the trajectories of cannonballs. This work later influenced Galileo. He produced both some of the earliest […]

1401 – Nicholas of Cusa

Born in 1401 in Kues, Germany, Nicholas became known as Nicholas of Kues or Nicholas of Cusa (Latin version of Kues) and was a Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church. Nicholas attended the University of Padua in Italy and received his doctorate degree in canon law there. In addition to being a religious scholar and […]

1564 – Galileo – bio

Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy in 1564. He was an astronomer, physicist, mathematician and philospher. Galileo made improvements to the newly invented telescope and then used it to discover and make observations of the moons around Jupiter and published his findings advocating the heliocentric ideas authored by Copernicus. Galileo taught at the University […]