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0800 – astrolabe

The astrolabe is an astronomical calculator used to solve problems related to the position of the Sun and the stars in the sky. It enables an accurate estimation of the position of the astrolabe on the surface of the Earth by creating a flat projection map of astronomical objects. The principles of mathematics and astronomy […]

0476 – Aryabhata – bio

Born in the Assak region of central India around 476, Aryabhata was an Indian mathematician and astronomer who wrote a text in Sanskrit that is known as the Aryabhatiya. It was written in poetic verse and is a compilation of Indian knowledge of astronomy and mathematics at the time. Through this text, Aryabhata became the father […]

Timeline of Trigonometry

While the Egyptians and Babylonians laid foundations for trigonometry, it was the Greeks (Hipparchus) who produced the first known table of trigonometric values. Aristarchus was one of the first to measure angles. -1900 – pi -0300 – “Elements” – Euclid -0310 – Aristarchus -0150 – trigonometric chord tables – Hipparchus 0150 – “Almagest” – Ptolemy […]

-0190 – Hipparchus – bio

Hipparchus was born around -0190 in Nicea, Greece, which is now part of Turkey. He was a mathematician and an accomplished astronomer who has generally been credited with observing and measuring the precession of the equinoxes, which is a small shift in the apparent position of stars that is caused by a wobble in the […]

1807 – Fourier analysis

Harmonic analysis deals with the mathematical representation of combinations of waves. In the abstract worlds of mathematics, trigonometric functions (like a sine wave) are often used to represent waveforms, but these usually present simple waves. In the real world, waves tend to be more complex. By combining the simple waveforms in many different ways, these […]

1768 – Fourier – bio

Jean Babtiste Joseph Fourier (known as Joseph) was born in 1768 in France and was a mathematician who became known for his work on heat transfer and the analysis of periodic functions (wave forms) using combinations of trigonometric series. These are now called Fourier series and the process is called Fourier analysis. PRECURSOR: 1642 – […]