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We Grow As Our Machines Grow

Human civilization history is a record of extending human effort through external means. The means used are often called “machines”. Our machines extend our reach and amplify our effort. They make us stronger, faster, more accurate, and even smarter. We began with simple tools made from bones and rocks. We learned to use fire as […]

Hashing Algorithms

A cryptographic hash function is a mathematical formula or algorithm that creates a one way encryption process. By “one-way”, this means the information that is encrypted by a hash function can not be decrypted. The purpose for using these one-way hashing algorithms is two-fold: to provide a check of integrity to protect some important piece […]

New Release of Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a penetration testing framework that contains over 600 penetration testing tools. It is a Debian based toolkit built on the foundation created by BackTrack. Some of the better known tools include: Wireshark – packet sniffer and protocol analysis nmap – port scanner john the ripper – password hash cracker metasploit framework – […]

Things That Work Better in Space

THINGS THAT WORK BETTER IN COLD Infrared/heat sensors Superconductors Semiconductors Power converters Magnets Cryogenic hardening Cryogenic milling/grinding Cryosurgery Freeze drying THINGS THAT WORK BETTER IN A VACUUM Vapor deposition processes (chemical and physical) Carburization of steel Electron beam welding Freeze drying Dry etching Distilling High speed devices (ultra-centrifuges, flywheel energy storage) Pressure driven machines (positive […]

Nanofabrication at the Desktop

A big problem with bootstrapping technology (getting it going) is that sometimes it’s hard to make the tools that you need to make the tools that you need to make something else. 3D printing is showing tremendous potential to blow away obstacles in that area by making it easier to make tools. But being able […]

Asteroid Belt Economy

University of Alabama graduate students ponder building necessary infrastructure for space exploration. There are two missing pieces in their thinking: Instead of building outposts on craggy, randomly shaped rocks, it makes more sense to fabricate whatever you want (a space habitat) and spin it to create internal gravity-like force. With very cheap energy, plentiful building […]

Basic Tools for Space

The history of basic tools begins with cutting tools and progresses into moving tools, then eventually into the use of fire and other chemical reactions. Moving tools were developed for use on a planet and involved overcoming gravity and associated friction. The lever, the wheel and axle, the pulley, and variations on these all helped […]

Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors

DARPA-Funded Hacker’s Tiny $50 Spy Computer Hides In Offices, Drops From Drones – [] At the Shmoocon security conference Friday in Washington D.C., O’Connor plans to present the F-BOMB, or Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors. Built from just the hardware in a commercially-available PogoPlug mini-computer, a few tiny antennae, eight gigabytes of flash […]

MiniPwner for Penetration Testing

MiniPwner is a battery powered TP-Link TL-WR703N router running OpenWrt. It has an ethernet port, integrated wifi and some tools installed. It is small and cheap. MiniPwner – [] What is the MiniPwner The MiniPwner is a penetration testing “drop box”. It is designed as a small, simple but powerful device that can be inconspicuously […]

P0f v3 Fingerprinting Tool (new release)

For a long time, p0f has filled a mostly empty space for passive reconnaissance tools. There is now an updated version (a release candidate) with some new features. p0f v3 (release candidate 0) – [] 1. What’s this? P0f is a tool that utilizes an array of sophisticated, purely passive traffic fingerprinting mechanisms to identify […]