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From Samurai Swords to Smart Fabrics

Samurai swords were made in an elaborate, repetitive process that was ritualized to ensure the integrity of the methodology. A piece of iron was heated in a forge and folded and flattened many times to create layers of iron and carbon and iron oxide that were formed into swords with strength, flexibility and able to […]

Germ Free Textiles

Making fabric products that are always germ free may be possible soon. New UGA technology makes textiles permanently germ-free – [uga.edu] A University researcher has invented a new technology that can inexpensively render medical linens and clothing, face masks, paper towels — and yes, even diapers, intimate apparel and athletic wear, including smelly socks — […]

Electronic Textiles

From a low end of sowing and weaving electronic components into cloth for simple purposes to manufacturing cloth with electronic components embedded in the woven threads, the range of electronic textiles is wide and growing fast. Thread that generates and stores electric power from solar energy may be next. Towards electronic textiles – putting conductive […]