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Analyzing the Evolution of Fairy Tales

Phylogenetic analysis was originally developed to map the branching process of evolutionary development. The same methodology has been adapted to create tree maps of how different languages have developed and interacted with each other through history. In the paper linked below, researchers have used phylogenetic analysis techniques to analyze how fairy tales have developed over […]

An Implosion of Taxonomy

One difficulty in trying to assess the state of the singularity is maintaining focus on key areas. The nature of the singularity is an explosion of knowledge and science and technology. It is obvious that some key areas include: artificial intelligence, robotics, computing, knowledge engineering, nanotechnology, bio-genetics, energy, augmented reality and ethics. But each of […]

1707 – Linnaeus – bio

Considered to be the father of modern taxonomy, and one of the fathers of ecology, Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist born in 1707. He created a standardized system of classification and nomenclature to organize the data he collected on plants and animals. Linnaeus published a book called, “Systema Naturae” which began as an eleven […]

A Taxonomy of Gods

We often wonder how the universe was created and if it has a purpose. Cosmology attempts to create mathematical and astronomical models that explain the physics of creating a universe. A taxonomy is a classification scheme that often attempts to not only classify things we know, but also to be expandable to include things we […]

-0330 – Theophrastus – bio

Theophrastus was a Greek biologist and botanist, who also made contributions to the fields of philosophy, logic, physics, ethics and language. He has been called “the father of taxonomy” because of his work on systematically classifying plants. He applied the same kind of methodology to a book that described moral outlines of characters in a […]