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Sped Up Waves Create Harmony

Sound pitch is determined by the frequency of the sound waves. Short, fast waves produce high pitched sound and long, slow waves produce low pitched sound. This presents the idea that harmony is created by rhythm. Watch Adam Neelys explanation of how pitch can be created by rhythm: Harmonic Polyrhythms Explained! [ AN’s Bass Lessons […]

Bionic Hearing Technology

Augmented auditory reality means super hearing aids that can both amplify and filter sound according to need and desire. Bluetooth earbuds controlled by a smartphone app that can equalize, filter and tune sounds allow the user to hear what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. Review: What Its Like to […]

1922 – Brillouin scattering

Leon Brillouin predicted that light could be scattered when traveling through a medium that interacts with sound waves. Sound waves (and some other types of waves) can compress a fluid medium, creating a density wave which changes the index of refraction, which in turn changes the way light moves through the medium, causing the scattering. […]

Gesture Sensing Uses Sound

Doppler shifts in ultrasonic sound waves can be used to detect gestures. Soundwave uses this technology to turn conventional speakers and microphones on computers into gesture control interfaces. Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone – [technologyreview.com] While other motion-sensing technologies such as Microsoft’s own Kinect device use cameras to sense and interpret movement and gestures, […]

Acoustic Hyperlens

High resolution ultrasound scans and greatly improved sonal imaging may become possible because of a technique using metamaterials to create a hyperlens that can focus sound to a fraction of its wavelength. Acoustic Hyperlens Could Sharpen Ultrasound Imaging – [ieee.org] In the past few years, researchers have created artificial materials known as metamaterials, which bend […]