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Climbing a Cable to Space

A space elevator is a long thin cable, anchored on the Earth end and held in place on the space end by a counterweight of ballast. The central balance point of the cable is located at a geo-synchronous orbit level, keeping the cable steady over the anchor point. The weight of the cable (and ballast) […]

Molten Salt for Thermal Energy Storage

A container of molten salts can be heated from solar energy and then the heat can be used to drive turbines to generate electricity. This makes it practical to supply electric energy at night from solar energy collected during daytime. A Tower of Molten Salt Will Deliver Solar Power After Sunset – [spectrum.ieee.org] For the […]

Sunspots as vortex rings

A recent article explored half vortex rings in water, that showed a fairly stable pair of vortices on the surface of the water – see: Vortex – Physics – Dimensions Sunspots are often described as pairs of vortices. Perhaps they are vortex rings in the plasma of the sun that we can observe when they […]

Fibonacci Solar Panels

The American Museum of Natural History recognizes students in grades 7-12 with their “Young Naturalist Awards” for research based science. Aiden is a 13 year old 7th grader from NY who won one of these awards for his research on optimizing solar panels by mimicking nature. Please read the entire article (linked below) to enjoy […]

Printing Solar Cells

We are fast approaching the point where we will be able to print anything. It should be no surprise to see solar cells and panels on the list of materials that researchers are learning to print. Imagine being able to print solar panels whenever and wherever you need them at a low cost factor. While […]

Harvesting Ambient Energy

The word, “ambient” means, “from the surrounding environment”. It can mean either something that is found in the surrounding environment or something in the environment that surrounds. We have been harvesting energy from the surrounding environment from before the first glimmerings of civilization. Collecting fire from a lightening strike, damming and redirecting water, water wheels, […]

Magnetic Solar Power

An optical battery that collects charge caused by light’s magnetic field may be usable as a power source. Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible – [umich.edu] Light has electric and magnetic components. Until now, scientists thought the effects of the magnetic field were so weak that […]

Artificial Photosynthesis

There is evidence to indicate that the earliest process of conventing sunlight into storable and usable energy (photosynthesis) began around 3.4 billion years ago on this planet. Over time, the bacteria that accomplished this changed the color range of light they absorbed from infrared into the visible spectrum and changed the waste output of their […]