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The Infrastructure of a Smart City

Cities have always been built around and are dependent upon their infrastructure. Most early cities were built next to rivers or bodies of water. Water is needed for drinking and growing food and cleaning. Clay and rocks were used as construction materials, so proximity to sources that supplied them was a priority. Energy has always […]

Smart Cities

We have smart phones, meters, watches, and the “internet of things” that promises to embed “smartness” into most household and business objects and connect them. The same concept applied to city infrastructure, is now being called “smart cities”. City infrastructure includes: water supply, electricity, waste management, transportation, communication, emergency services, law enforcement, education, healthcare, zoning, […]

Smart Stuff

We are building intelligence into a constantly expanding list of everyday household items. It started with smart phones, and we now have smart meters, smart light bulbs, smart locks, smart watches, smart clothing and smart appliances and gadgets of all types. Any device that can use sensors to collect data, make decisions about how to […]

IOT Will Change the Way We Live

The Internet Of Things (IOT) is a term that describes connectivity becoming embedded into everyday objects. Our “old” internet was a network of computers. But as computing objects become smaller and more mobile, this is changing. Smartphones have extended internet connectivity to where ever we happen to be at the moment. Small computing chips and […]

Smart Nano-colloidal Metamaterials

Metamaterials have been getting recent press for their potential to create invisibility cloaks. Colloids are particle suspensions that have always been part of our lives (blood, milk, fog…) and operate at the nano level. Smart materials offer the ability to change their characteristics under control. Incorporating metamaterials into colloids will allow them to be deployed […]

Smart Transparent Metallic Glass

In the world of Star Trek, “transparent aluminum” was described as being stronger and lighter than plexiglas. The article below discusses how “smart” glass that can react dynamically to changing light conditions is becoming more cost effective. Previous developments in technology point toward metallic versions of glass that are stronger than steel. The ability to […]

Smart Environments

Whether it’s in a house, an office, a car, or a shopping area, we are re-designing the environments we live in to become more intelligent. We already have smart meters for electricity and soon will have other smart meters for other utilities. We have smart thermostats, smart phones, smart TVs and an entire range of […]

Wearing Our Electronics

We are beginning to wear our electronics on our bodies and in our clothing and eventually in our bodies. It all started with hearing aids and glasses. Early hearing aids were simple cones and other sound collecting devices. Modern hearing aids are digital electronics and can filter and augment the sound they relay inside the […]

Smart Sand Replicator

Until we invent a replicator that works by using an energy beam to transport molecular material, we have to make copies the old fashioned way – using solid materials. MIT is working on the mathematics required to make copies of objects using a smart sandbox. Self-sculpting sand – [mit.edu] New algorithms could enable heaps of […]

Roombot Furniture

Modular self-adaptive furniture that can reconfigure itself into any common furniture shape will change how we utilize living space. Walls might be next. When these concepts merge with nanotechnology, we could have “smart blob” furniture and living spaces that are similar to the Star Trek “holodeck” idea. Roombots Want To Be All The Furniture You’ll […]