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Juno Arrives at Jupiter

It has taken NASA space probe, Juno, nearly five years to reach Jupiter after traveling over 1.7 billion miles. Juno is now in orbit around Jupiter and NASA hopes to study Jupiter using images and data being relayed back to Earth. At present, it takes transmissions 48 minutes to return to Earth. Juno spacecraft trajectory […]

China Moon Rover Chang’e-3 Lands

The first human object to reach the Moon was a crash landing (by design) of Luna 2, a probe launched by the Soviet Union. The first “soft” (controlled) landing was accomplished by another Soviet probe, Luna 9, in 1966. The first manned Moon landing was by the US Apollo 11 mission in 1969. The last […]

1977 – Voyager 1 & 2 launched

Voyager – The Interstellar Mission – [] Voyager Mission Fast Facts – [] Launch Voyager 2 launched on August 20, 1977, from Cape Canaveral, Florida aboard a Titan-Centaur rocket. On September 5, Voyager 1 launched, also from Cape Canaveral aboard a Titan-Centaur rocket. Planetary Tour Between them, Voyager 1 and 2 explored all the giant […]

Farewell to Voyager

Farewell to Voyager

Voyager 1 is at the edge of our Solar System and poised to leave us forever. Our Sun is constantly pushing a stream of charged particles, that we call the solar wind, outward beyond all the planets in our system. This area of solar wind is called the heliosphere. The space beyond the reach of […]

Hayabusa Returns

Hayabusa (Falcon), the little engine that could in space, is on the way back from the asteroid belt. Nov 3, 2005 Japan’s Hayabusa Closes in on Asteroid Landing Site – [] Stunning imagery is being returned by Japan’s Hayabusa space probe as it draws closer to its celestial target: asteroid Itokawa. Now just a few […]

Dawn in the Belt

The Dawn probe spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral in September of 2007, used Mars as a slingshot in February of 2009 and has now reached the asteroid belt, where it will remain. Dawn Takes up Residence in Asteroid Belt – [] The Dawn spacecraft – which is on a course to study the asteroid […]


Freeman Dyson has proposed a Von Neumann probe (self replicating) that is a hybrid of mechanical and biological components (cyborg) designed to find propulsion fuel, maintain itself, reconfigure itself as needed and eventually produce copies of itself in it’s mission to explore outer space. It would only weigh one kilogram and use solar energy from […]