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Photonic Crystal Fibers

Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) are microstructured optical fibers that use tiny air hole capillaries arranged in a pattern around the center of the fiber. This makes the light propagation far superior to conventional fibers, requiring fewer repeaters and less amplification over long distances. PCFs are also capable of handling high energy lasers efficiently. What is […]

Plasmons Used in Optical Communications

When ripples in the fluid-like free electrons in conducting metals form oscillations, they can act like virtual particles and are called “plasmons”, a category of quasiparticles. Controlling plasmons which interact with light allows fast and efficient modulation of light based communications. What is a plasmon? – [nanoscale.blogspot.com] A plasmon is a collective excitation of the […]

1170 – Robert Grosseteste – bio

Born around 1170 in Suffolk, England, Robert Grosseteste was a student of many subjects who became a bishop in the Church of England. He was proficient in the Greek language, translating many works into Latin. He performed experiments with light and mirrors and made lenses from bowls filled with water to study refraction. His investigation […]

Singing Optical Sensor Fibers

MIT researchers are creating fibers that can interact with their environment to provide sensory input and output, with sound and light and more. This research may enable a wide range of biomedical ensors that can be placed inside the body to collect information and possible interact with it. The researchers also expect the fibers will […]

1596 – Descartes – bio

Rene Descartes was born in France in 1596. He is known as “the father of modern philosophy” and also contributed to mathematics and general science. The cartesian coordinate system is named for him and he created analytic geometry. He also did some work in the field of optics, with both refraction and reflection. Prior to […]

1595 – microscope

While optics and the principles of magnification had been studied for hundreds of years, the first real microscope was crafted by three lensmakers in Holland around 1595. PRECURSOR: SUCCESSOR: 1608 – telescope 1632 – van Leeuwenhoek

0965 – Alhazen – bio

Ali al-Hasan al-Haytham aka Alhazen was born in Basra, Persia (now Iraq) around 965. He wrote Kitab al-Manazir, a seven volume manuscript on light and optics. PREREQUISITE: Ptolemy SUBSEQUENT: Kepler