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Transparency as Augmentation

First, watch this terrible car crash caused by lack of visibility (and a poor driving decision): Horror crash E40: Ford Focus vs truck accident (exit Aalter E40 Belgium) LONG VERSION – [youtube.com] Then, consider how this new technology from Samsung could have prevented that crash: Samsung “The Safety Truck” – [youtube.com] Finally, wonder how far […]

No Windows in Space

Many representations of life in space include windows in the walls of space ships and space dwellings. There will be no windows in space. As an engineering consideration, windows are “factory installed leaks”. Our electronics continue to grow smaller, more flexible and are starting to become built in to everything in our environment. It will […]

UAV/Drones Tending Crops

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), aka drones, are being used to monitor agricultural crops and larger drones can deliver water, fertilizer and pesticides with precision. They tend to be more cost effective than conventional crop spraying aircraft with pilots. VIDEO – Using cutting-edge technology to improve farming – unmanned aerial vehicles – [bbc.co.uk] Unmanned aerial vehicle […]

LifeBot-5 Telemedicine System

LifeBot is producing LifeBot-5, a ruggedized, mobile emergency telemedicine system that can provide patient data relays that allow remote emergency room functionality. The laptop based system weighs fifteen pounds and integrates many communication pathways to ensure it stays online without interruption. It runs DREAMS (Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services) software, developed for the military […]