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A Space Based Construction Factory

Habitats for living and other spacecraft will be built in space on site. Building materials will be mined and pre-processed to sort and bundle, then will be “thrown” away from the mining site into a trajectory toward the construction site. When they arrive, they will be “caught” and refined for final processing. Large solar arrays […]

Integrating Architecture With Construction

3D printing is being used for the construction of just about everything, from human organ tissues to buildings. Current building construction that uses 3D printing simply mimics older construction techniques using the new tools. We are just now beginning to create new techniques that were not possible or practical previously. The video below mentions the […]

Roombot Furniture

Modular self-adaptive furniture that can reconfigure itself into any common furniture shape will change how we utilize living space. Walls might be next. When these concepts merge with nanotechnology, we could have “smart blob” furniture and living spaces that are similar to the Star Trek “holodeck” idea. Roombots Want To Be All The Furniture You’ll […]

Modular Robotics

Modular robotics is about designing robotic systems that consist of simple modules that can adapt their configuration or change the way they combine to perform tasks. While adaptation can be limited to a specific range of tasks, many of the researchers in this field are working on systems that can “self-repair” and even “self-reconfigure”. Modular […]