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Metasploit Roundup

Here’s a roundup of recent metasploit techniques: Nessus Scanning through a Metasploit Meterpreter Session – [pauldotcom.com] Scenario: You are doing a penetration test. The client’s internet face is locked down pretty well. No services are exposed externally and only HTTP/HTTPS are allowed OUT of the corporate firewall. You email in a carefully crafted email with […]

Meterpreter Persistence

The Metasploit Framework is a framework that enables penetration testing by combining modular packages of exploit code, payloads and tools such as Meterpreter that allow the tester to maintain access, collect information on the target system and execute pivot attacks against other systems. This script helps the tester by maintaining backdoor access. Meterpreter Persistence – […]


Metasploit is an exploitation framework. That means it offers a framework from which to launch exploit code that can be used for the penetration of computer systems. It has a large list of exploits and a variety of payloads to be delivered by the exploit. The Metasploit Project The Metasploit Framework What is it? The […]


Metasploit has a payload component called Meterpreter that is injected inside a running process and offers a command environment to the attacker. This avoids starting a new process and keeps the activity inside memory without needing to write to the hard drive. The meterpreter payload can launch a command prompt session for you on the […]