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A Taxonomy of Gods

We often wonder how the universe was created and if it has a purpose. Cosmology attempts to create mathematical and astronomical models that explain the physics of creating a universe. A taxonomy is a classification scheme that often attempts to not only classify things we know, but also to be expandable to include things we […]

Evolution of Bots

This is a link to a video posted on Kevin Kelly’s “The Technium” blog about the evolution of bots. It’s a German Saturn commercial. Evolution of Bots – [kk.org/thetechnium] This high gloss German commercial for Saturn cars is wonderful eye candy. Everything I’ve seen in technology convinces me that autonomous robots are an inevitability. And […]

What Comes After Minds?

Kevin Kelly ponders the future evolution of complexity and the human mind. If we help design the process and promote it, will it be considered “artificial” intelligence or natural intelligence? What Comes After Minds? The usual response to “what comes after a human mind” is better, faster, bigger minds. The same thing only more. That […]

Scalability perspectives

Scalability Perspectives – is a series of posts that highlights the ideas that will shape the next decade of IT architecture. Each post is dedicated to a thought leader of the information age and his vision of the future. Be warned though – the journey into the minds and perspectives of these people requires an […]