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800-53 rev3 FINAL

NIST has released the final copy of SP 800-53 rev3 “Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations”. This document is the encyclopedia of security controls for federal agencies and this is the third revision since it was originally released in 2005. The impact level baseline information bar that was removed in the Final […]

800-53 rev3 FPD

The new revision of NIST SP 800-53 (rev3) is now in FINAL Public Draft (FPD) and should be published in final form soon. When NIST moves a draft document from IPD status to FPD status, the changes are often few as the document is nearly ready for final publishing. In this case, however, the changes […]

800-53 Impact Levels

There are three impact levels used to describe information systems.

800-53 Control Families

800-53 controls are divided into 17 families.

Description of 800-53 Controls

Each control in 800-53 has the following components: