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Wearing Our Electronics

We are beginning to wear our electronics on our bodies and in our clothing and eventually in our bodies. It all started with hearing aids and glasses. Early hearing aids were simple cones and other sound collecting devices. Modern hearing aids are digital electronics and can filter and augment the sound they relay inside the […]

Haptic Clothing

Haptic technology is a way of providing tactile sensory input or feedback to enhance an experience. It is often integrated with virtual environments or augmented reality technologies. A simple form is the way game controllers vibrate to create a sensation connected with an event in the game. Haptics are being integrated into many areas besides […]

AR Haptic Floor Tiles

Augmented-Reality Floor Tiling – [technologyreview.com] Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada have developed floor tiles that can simulate the look, sound and feel of snow, grass or pebbles underfoot. Such a tool could perhaps be used for augmented reality applications, tele-presence, training, rehabilitation or even as virtual foot controllers. The modular “haptic” floor tiling […]

Wireless Body Area Network

WBAN wireless networks operating in compact devices that are worn in clothing or embedded into the body will collect and communicate a variety of data, including bio-medical telemetry, personal statistics, haptic feedback control data, cosmetic appearance control data and short range interface I/O with other systems. Groundbreaking Study of Wireless Body Area Networks Made Possible […]