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Smart Stuff

We are building intelligence into a constantly expanding list of everyday household items. It started with smart phones, and we now have smart meters, smart light bulbs, smart locks, smart watches, smart clothing and smart appliances and gadgets of all types. Any device that can use sensors to collect data, make decisions about how to […]

From Samurai Swords to Smart Fabrics

Samurai swords were made in an elaborate, repetitive process that was ritualized to ensure the integrity of the methodology. A piece of iron was heated in a forge and folded and flattened many times to create layers of iron and carbon and iron oxide that were formed into swords with strength, flexibility and able to […]

Smart Dust

Smart Dust is a collection of tiny electronic sensors that can collect and report a variety of types of data. In many cases these sensors are designed to self-organize into wireless mesh networks in order to report their data collection. As the sensors become smaller and cheaper, more applications for them will become obvious. SmartDust […]


As micro-fabrication units become more practical and available, the need to identify and trace individual products for a variety of reasons (security, business, legal) will promote the placement of nano-sized trace elements into each product as it is manufactured. Over time, this will evolve into the practice of using random identifiers for each trace element, […]