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Leap Motion Gesture Control

Leap Motion is a small and cheap gesture control interface that plugs into a USB port and allows you to use hand and finger movements to manipulate objects on a computing device. Anticipated release price is $70 and release date around the end of 2012. A look inside Leap Motion, the 3D gesture control that’s […]

Luminous Room

The luminous room concept involves using the entire environment surrounding the user as an interface for interaction, both input and display. John Underkoffler points to the future of UI – [youtube.com] Minority Report science adviser and inventor John Underkoffler demos g-speak — the real-life version of the film’s eye-popping, tai chi-meets-cyberspace computer interface. Is this […]

Oblong G-Speak

The link below includes a video demonstration of gesture based computer interface technology that is similar to the fictional interface shown in “Minority Report”. Oblong G-Speak The SOE’s combination of gestural i/o, recombinant networking, and real-world pixels brings the first major step in computer interface since 1984; starting today, g-speak will fundamentally change the way […]