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Algorithm Discovers New Superconductor

In nature, random genetic variations produce results that are sorted by survival. Over time, the best working variations reproduce more often, creating the process we call evolution. Evolutionary algorithms follow the same concept, trying small variations to advance the solution of a problem. An evolutionary algorithm designed to predict stable crystal structures has discovered a […]

Genetic Programming

Genetic programming is an extension of genetic algorithms that allows for refining and improving computer programs to seek solutions in the same way. John Koza Has Built an Invention Machine – [popsci.com] Now 62 and an adjunct professor at Stanford University, Koza is the inventor of genetic programming, a revolutionary approach to artificial intelligence (AI) […]

The Logic of Ethics

How difficult will it be to translate ethics into logic trees that can be encoded into software for use by AIs? In a simplified ethical decision, there is a starting state, usually at least two possible actions (or an action/inaction pair) to choose between and outcome states to calculate and compare. In order to make an […]

Genetic Algorithms

Genetic algorithms use the principles found in the evolutionary process to create formulas that can solve problems. Like mutation, small parts of the formulas are changed and then the formula is evaluated to see if the change has improved it. GENETIC ALGORITHMS – [obitko.com] Search Space If we are solving some problem, we are usually […]

Evolutionary Computation

Computational techniques that mimic the process of biological evolution are considered to be “evolutionary computation”. This is an umbrella term that can include the areas known as; evolutionary/genetic algorithms, evolutionary/genetic programming, evolutionary/genetic strategies and more. Biological evolution works through a somewhat random or haphazard insertion of mutations and other variations that produce diversification in biological […]

SW Without HW

It has been said that “without hardware, software is nothing, but without software, hardware is something.” And you can even make an argument that some level of logic can be built into hardware simply because it must have some kind of ordered structure on many levels: time and space, atomic, molecular, chemical, even simple shape. […]