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1834 – Haeckel – bio

Ernst Haeckel was born in 1834 in Germany and was a biologist who discovered many new species and developed a method of mapping all species into a genealogical tree that shows their evolutionary development. He called this technique phylogeny and also created the terms phylum and ontogeny. A phylogenetic tree shows the history of the […]

Evolving Intelligence is a Knife’s Edge Balance

Fast Evolution vs Slow Evolution Evolving intelligence too quickly can threaten the survival of an intelligent species because advanced technology is dangerous without an equivalent level of ethics. On the other hand, evolving intelligence too slowly can threaten the survival of an intelligent species because natural cause events can exterminate a species without the technology […]

Post Biological Intelligence

We know that intelligence does not depend upon biological forms. Biology based intelligence takes advantage of a “built-in”/natural evolutionary process to adapt and enhance ability to survive. Once conscious intelligence reaches a sufficient level of knowledge, it can duplicate that evolution in algorithms based in any substrate form. Material substrates include metallic conductors and semi-conductors […]

Six Epochs of Evolution

This video maps out Kurzweil’s SIX EPOCHS OF EVOLUTION showing the exponential progression in the way the universe stores and processes information… what we see is a bootstrapping recursive complexification leading us towards some kind of intelligence singularity.

Kardashev Scale Meets Fermi Paradox

for background info, SEE ALSO: The Kardashev Scale Singularity Theory May Explain Fermi Paradox The Evolution of Civilization The Kardashev scale describes the evolution of civilizations according to a grand scale of energy consumption. Stage I civilizations can consume energy on a planetary scale, Stage II on a stellar scale, and Stage III on a […]

Rapid Evolution

Evolution can take place in a shorter time span than scientists previously thought, according to a study of lizards that were transplanted into a new environment, then left alone for thirty-six years. Could a similar process be accomplished in a laboratory environment designed to stimulate specific evolutionary adaptations? Rapid Evolution Driven by Invasion into New […]

Evolution of Bots

This is a link to a video posted on Kevin Kelly’s “The Technium” blog about the evolution of bots. It’s a German Saturn commercial. Evolution of Bots – [kk.org/thetechnium] This high gloss German commercial for Saturn cars is wonderful eye candy. Everything I’ve seen in technology convinces me that autonomous robots are an inevitability. And […]

What Comes After Minds?

Kevin Kelly ponders the future evolution of complexity and the human mind. If we help design the process and promote it, will it be considered “artificial” intelligence or natural intelligence? What Comes After Minds? The usual response to “what comes after a human mind” is better, faster, bigger minds. The same thing only more. That […]

When we evolve into robots

Scott Adams spends part of his life writing a popular comic strip called “Dilbert”. Folks seem to think it’s funny and socially pertinent. But when he’s not penning his comic, he’s thinking deeply. This post on his blog is about the evolution of robotics and how it may merge with the evolution of humanity. When […]