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0598 – Brahmagupta – bio

Born in 0598 in the region of north western India currently known as Rajasthan, Brahmagupta is best known as the first mathematician to establish rules for working with the number “zero” as a quantity instead of a placeholder or a lack of quantity. He made one of the first documented attempts to use the principles […]

0476 – Aryabhata – bio

Born in the Assak region of central India around 476, Aryabhata was an Indian mathematician and astronomer who wrote a text in Sanskrit that is known as the Aryabhatiya. It was written in poetic verse and is a compilation of Indian knowledge of astronomy and mathematics at the time. Through this text, Aryabhata became the father […]

0078 – Zhang Heng – bio

Born in 78 in the province of Yuzhou (now known as Henan) of the Han dynasty in China, Zhang Heng was known as a scientist, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, painter and more. He became the chief astrologer to the emperor, An-Ti. He created a rotating globe that was a map of the sky and constellations. He […]

0129 – Galen – bio

Galen was born in Pergamon (then Greece, part of the Roman Empire, now in Turkey) in 0129. He was a physician and philosopher who followed the teaching of Hippocrates and through the study of anatomy, made great advances in medical science. He improved the understanding of how the circulatory system works and was a skilled […]

0010 – Heron – bio

Heron was born around 0010 and was a Greek mathematician, engineer and inventor who lived in Alexandria, Egypt when it was a province of the Roman Empire. He designed the first known simple steam engine (the aeolipile or Hero’s engine), the first vending machine, a wind powered organ, a water displacement pump (fire engine pump), […]