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Botnets Attack from the Sky

It’s now become fairly easy and cheap to make an autonomous flying model drone. Telemetry that relays information collected by a drone back to the ground has been demonstrated. Wireless hacking from equipment mounted on a flying drone has been demonstrated. Flying drones are becoming smaller, cheaper and more automated. Flying model aircraft have been […]

Jonathan Livingston Robot

It is a thing of beauty to watch this two meter wingspan carbon fiber robotic bird fly. Using a process that the makers call, “active articulated torsion drive”, the bird can twist and flex its body and sections of the wing and tail that give it a birdlike flight capability. Zigbee wireless communications allow the […]

Hacking Drones

Insurgents have learned how to intercept video relays from drones in Iraq and Afghanistan and the vulnerability has existed for some time. Hacking warfare robots will become more of an issue as they become more commonplace. Think about how network hacking techniques can be applied to war scenarios and vice-versa: botnets – encrypted control channels […]