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Data Mining Helps Crack Murder Cases

This article describes some of the difficulties encountered when trying to collate murder statistics to identify clusters of unsolved murders that might be related. It also points out the tremendous potential available when those obstacles are overcome. Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm – [bloomberg.com] We’re in a moment when, after decades of decreases nationally […]

Data Mining

Data mining is the process of searching through data sets (typically large) and extracting smaller data sets that often show some form of pattern or relevance to the data that was not obvious before the extraction. As data sets grow larger, the need for automated tools also grows. Usually, the purpose of data mining is […]

tales of things

Things continue to become more connected. Eventually, most synthetic objects we encounter will have electronics in them that allow us to communicate with them in at least a passive monitoring mode. Until then, the small steps leading up to that point include; static printed tags and rfid chips that can contain more information than a […]