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APT versus OODA Security Controls

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a kind of attack comes from a team with advanced skills, deep resources, and specific targets. They use advanced tools and techniques that are capable of circumventing defenses. They use stealth and demonstrate good situational awareness in evaluating the state of the defenders they face. They respond quickly and with […]

Assurance is the Reason to Trust

We want to trust that the measures we take to protect our information systems are working. But we need concrete reasons to hold that trust. We need proof that our defensive controls are doing the job and are actually protecting the system. Those reasons and that proof are known as “Assurance”. Trust tends to be […]

Continuous Monitoring Misunderstood

Network security monitoring includes intrusion detection, audit log correlation and analysis and other methods of detecting failures of our network protections. Continuous monitoring is not the same thing. Continuous monitoring is the process of checking our security controls to make sure they are working. Here is an article that explains some of the background: Continuous […]

Defending Against APT

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a cyber attack threat that typically comes from a team of attackers with advanced penetration skills, deep resources, specific target profiles and they tend to be very persistent in their efforts. They often have tools that are capable of circumventing defenses. They use stealthy tactics and show good situational awareness […]

Security Metrics

It is a mantra of quality improvement methodology that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Security metrics are the measurements that allow management of information security. As function and requirements change from network and organization to others, so will the requirements and design of security metrics change. But there are some standard and central […]

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is about keeping an ongoing watch on how well your security controls are doing their job. NIST introduced this idea back in 2004 when they were also evangelizing about the Authorization process, then known as Certification and Accreditation (or C&A). By law (FISMA), NIST supplies federal organizations with security guidance, which can be […]


Plan of Action and Milestones A POAM is a plan that describes specific measures to be taken to correct deficiences found during a security control assessment. The POAM should identify: The tasks needed to correct the deficiency The resources required to make the plan work Milestones in completing the tasks Scheduled completion dates for the […]

Operations and Maintenance Phase

Operations and Maintenance Phase

Configuration managment continues with monitoring and a change control process. Continuous monitoring checks critical security components. Any changes to the usual suspects must be updated.