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The Singularity is an Ascension

“The Singularity” is an event of expansion of intelligence that feeds back into itself creating a period of exponential growth. We find it difficult to imagine much less define a state of super intelligence, but we can postulate that it will offer solutions and provide opportunities. An Ascension is the process of moving to a […]

Building a Synthetic Consciousness

The team had been working for some time on automating stock market trades. Every night the scripts poured over the data from the trading day, matching patterns that had been determined to provide advantageous trading opportunities and extracting the pieces needed for further analysis. Those pieces were fed through several neural networks that had been […]

Synthetically Designed Consciousness

We often create artificial versions of things that mimic, but don’t fully measure up to the real object. Many Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs create the impression that they operate with intelligence, even though they don’t actually make the decisions themselves, because they have embedded expert knowledge. Decision trees are abstracted from real life scenarios by […]

Continuity of Self

In order to discuss maintaining and continuing “self”, we need to define self. If self is nothing more than memories and accumulating learning, then making a backup copy should be straightforward. When a backup copy is made, if the original and the copy are not linked in a maintained replication process, they will begin to […]

Turing – Consciousness – Ethics

Once an agreed upon standard for extra-human consciousness is established, rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship will be put into legal form. That agreed upon standard will far exceed the Turing test and will take some effort to reach. A consciousness that does not articulate itself, or is not understood, will be particularly difficult to […]

Self-conscious Intelligence

We use a variety of terms to qualify what we consider to be intelligent life: intelligence, consciousness, self-awareness, higher consciousness. There seem to be two primary ingredients common to most of the definitions of intelligent life and those are: Intelligence as some level of analytical reasoning ability and perhaps also the experience or knowledge necessary […]


Martine Rothblatt explores the question of what qualifies as artificial intelligence and along the way, suggests a new name for it – Vitology. Then, in another article, she describes how fast it is arriving. Will Uploaded Minds in Machines be Alive? – [ieet.org] The differences between organic and cybernetic life are less important that their […]

Self Awareness

“I think, therefore I am” (cogito ergo sum) – Rene Descartes Consciousness or awareness of self existence, seems to be a combination of a sense of limitation of self, of distinguishing between self and “other than self”, of past history relevant to self and perhaps most importantly of current reasoning and analytical processes being used […]

What Comes After Minds?

Kevin Kelly ponders the future evolution of complexity and the human mind. If we help design the process and promote it, will it be considered “artificial” intelligence or natural intelligence? What Comes After Minds? The usual response to “what comes after a human mind” is better, faster, bigger minds. The same thing only more. That […]