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GPS Without Satellites

Current GPS systems rely on radio signals from satellites to perform their location determining calculations. When the radio signal is not available, the system cannot work. Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) gyroscopes work like a tiny Foucault pendulum but with a vibrating element that can detect rotational changes. These small gyroscopes and accelerometors form the core of […]

Mind Control Interface

Researchers at the University of Minnesota demonstrate a non-invasive mind control interface. Monitoring of brain waves generated by specific thought patterns can be translated into software control impulses. In this case, they are used to control a flying drone, but the applications are endless. Mind Over Mechanics – [] In a jaw-dropping feat of engineering, […]

Thin, Flexible, Wearable Electronics

mc10 is a company that is trying to revolutionize the way we use our electronic devices in everyday life. Their devices are so thin, they look and act almost like tattoos inked on skin. There is an obvious range of bio-sensors for medical and sports applications. And they are also working on wearable solar power […]

Moore’s Law Came From Wright’s Law

Most of use are familiar with Moore’s Law that says the number of transistors on an integrated circuit chip will double every two years. There is also a familiar corollary that says the performance of chips will double every eighteen months. The original law came from an observation made in 1965 by Gordon Moore of […]

Flexible E-paper Tablets

PaperTab goes on show as flexible paper-thin tablet – [] Call it the paper tablet. Or flexible e-paper touchscreen. Or an all in one computing experience made up of a cluster of papery, tablet screens, each behaving like an app. However you look at the PaperTab, it is difficult to avoid the word “revolutionary,” and […]

WiFi on a Chip

Old fashioned “wireless” radios were entirely analog, before the age of digital electronics began. The form of wireless communication we know as “WiFi” depends upon many digital circuits but also still has some analog components. Intel is working on a WiFi circuit that is mostly digital. And a Singapore based research group is developing a […]

Using Sound to Control Information

Computer circuits use pulses of electromagnetic energy to create readable states that can represent information in small pieces. Phonons are pulses of sound vibration that can interact with both matter and electromagnetic energy. Learning to control phonons with precision may enable phonon based computing. How To Build A Phononic Computer [] Phonons are quantum vibrations […]

Things To Do With a Supercomputer

For the purpose of creating a task list, the definition of supercomputer can be loosely expanded to include clusters, grids, clouds and all forms of conglomeration of a large amount of computing power. MODELING Weather forecasting – a complex three dimensional fluid dynamics model being constantly recalculated with a massive amount of dynamic data being […]

The Evolution of Civilization

Since our current growth rate in some areas of technology is accelerating toward a singularity threshold, it is difficult to predict what our civilization will be like in only a few hundred years. To describe civilization a thousand years from now is nearly impossible to accomplish with any confidence of accuracy. It might be reasonable […]

Thumbdrive PC

$74 PC on a stick features Allwinner A10 CPU, Android 4.0 – [] The Model MK802 is available from AliExpress for $74, or even less if you order in bulk. The little computer looks like a portable storage device, but it has a 1.5 GHz Allwiner A10 processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. […]