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3D Printing Graphene Aerogels

Aerogel, aka “frozen smoke” is a light, porous, nearly translucent, matrix of silica, made by removing the liquid part of a gel. Aerogels can also be made from metals and from carbon. Graphene versions of aerogel offer intriguing combinations of strength and electrical conductivity. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory is working on a process that uses 3D […]

From Samurai Swords to Smart Fabrics

Samurai swords were made in an elaborate, repetitive process that was ritualized to ensure the integrity of the methodology. A piece of iron was heated in a forge and folded and flattened many times to create layers of iron and carbon and iron oxide that were formed into swords with strength, flexibility and able to […]

Buckyballs in Olive Oil May Increase Lifespan

Soccer Molecule of Youth? Fullerene C60 Increases Lifespan by +90% and Protects Against Free Radicals – [suppversity.blogspot.com] Put some “soccer balls” in your olive oil and live into your late 150s Since study was designed as a general investigation – not as a test for the longevity effects of the “soccer fullerene” – the actual […]

Buckyballs in Space

Buckyballs are carbon molecules that contain 60 atoms of carbon, arranged in a three dimensional sphere. The surface of the sphere is composed of combinations of hexagons and pentagons, giving it an appearance that is similar to a soccer ball. They were originally named buckminsterfullerene after Buckminster Fuller who pioneered work on geodesic domes but […]

Nanoporous ceramic membranes

A new form of alumina membranes coated with carbon thin films show promise for use in implanted bio-sensor devices. Glucose sensors and dialysis membranes that the body won’t reject are among the possibilities. NC State finds new nanomaterial could be breakthrough for implantable medical devices Researchers have long sought to develop medical devices that could […]

-1400 – steel

Iron can be hardened if it is reheated in a furnace with some charcoal, allowing carbon to transfer from the charcoal to the iron. The hot metal alloy is then quenched in water and the result is steel, which is just as workable as iron but will hold a sharp edge longer. PRECURSOR: iron age […]