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Blue Origin Booster Lands After Third Flight

Blue Origin makes a reusable space launch system called “New Shepard”. The booster rocket lifts a space capsule capable of carrying six occupants to the edge of space. The booster then lands itself safely at the launch site in West Texas, while the capsule descends by parachute. This flight marks the third time the same […]

Taking Pills That Contain Nanotechnology

Carefully targeted and controlled delivery of substances into our bodies can be accomplished using nanotechnology containers. The containers can be routed to specific areas or tissues and can release materials at either a certain place or a certain time or span of time. Drugs, vitamins, oxygen, sensors, and more materials can be delivered in this […]

Microcarriers Deliver Anti-Cancer Drug

Tiny anti-cancer drug delivery capsules are guided to a target inside a human body using an MRI system. Localized delivery of an anti-cancer drug by remote-controlled microcarriers – [polymtl.ca] Soon, drug delivery that precisely targets cancerous cells without exposing the healthy surrounding tissue to the medication’s toxic effects will no longer be an oncologist’s dream […]