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1646 – Leibniz – bio

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1646 and became known primarily for his contributions to philosophy and mathematics but was also accomplished in many other fields. He created the modern binary number system that is used by computers and at the same time as Newton, invented calculus. He invented the mathematical sign […]

1853 – Ricci-Curbastro – bio

Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro was born in Italy in 1853 and is known as the inventor of tensor calculus, which became an essential building block for relativity theory. He was a professor of mathematics at the University of Padua. He worked on differential equations and differential geometry, building on the contributions made by Gauss and Riemann. His […]

timeline of calculus

Calculus was developed as a way to calculate areas and volumes of shapes that are not easy to figure using simple math. Differential calculus studies the derivative, which calculates the slope of a line tangent to the function. The slope of the line shows the rate of change in the line. If the line represents […]

-0408 – Eudoxus – bio

Eudoxus was born around -0408 in Cnidus (now in Turkey) as a Greek and was a mathematician and an astronomer. He learned mathematics from Archytas, astronomy in Egypt, philosophy from Plato and was a teacher to Aristotle. Eudoxus created the first concept of spherical astronomy and planetary motion. He worked on the theory of proportion, […]

1629 – Huygens – bio

Christiaan Huygens was born in 1629 in The Hague, Netherlands (then known as the Dutch Republic) and was an astronomer, mathematician and physicist. He advanced the art of grinding lenses and building telescopes and in 1655 discovered that Titan was a moon of Saturn and in the next year became the first to propose that […]

1596 – Descartes – bio

Rene Descartes was born in France in 1596. He is known as “the father of modern philosophy” and also contributed to mathematics and general science. The cartesian coordinate system is named for him and he created analytic geometry. He also did some work in the field of optics, with both refraction and reflection. Prior to […]

1571 – Kepler – bio

Born in 1571 in the Stuttgart region of Germany, Johannes Kepler was a mathematician and astronomer. Kepler became the first published defender of the heliocentric theory of Copernicus. He described planetary orbits as platonic solids and then realized that the orbits are eliptical. Kepler studied the golden ration and wrote this about it: “Geometry has […]

1736 – Lagrange – bio

Guiseppe Lodovico Langrangia, aka Joseph Louis (Luigi) Lagrange was born in 1736 and grew up in Turin, Italy, but also lived in Prussia and France. He is primarily known as a mathematician but also made contributions to astronomy. Euler and Lagrange collaborated to create the Euler-Lagrange equation and created the field called calculus of variations. […]