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Botnets Attack from the Sky

It’s now become fairly easy and cheap to make an autonomous flying model drone. Telemetry that relays information collected by a drone back to the ground has been demonstrated. Wireless hacking from equipment mounted on a flying drone has been demonstrated. Flying drones are becoming smaller, cheaper and more automated. Flying model aircraft have been […]

How Botnets Are Built

A Botnet is a collection of many computers that have been compromised by an attacker and are being used surreptitiously for some purpose usually related to cybercrime. Botnet Methodology: Compromising Systems Email with infected attachment or link to infection site Website with infected code Other protocols: IM, IRC, FTP, P2P, twitter, and more… Controlling the […]


A trojan horse backdoor called “Zeus” is being used by a botnet named “Kneber” by researchers. This botnet has been operational for over a year and has compromised many organizations and collected a vast amount of data that was intended to be confidential. Hackers Mount New Strike – [wsj.com] Hackers in Europe and China successfully […]

2009 Security Report

Symantecs MessageLabs Intelligence 2009 Annual Security Report offers some very interesting information about the past year and assumptions about the near future of malware and other security threats. Here are a few teasers that should encourage you to read the entire report: 3.2.4. Command and Control: Mysterious Messages and Covert Channels In the 12-months since […]

Malware Evolution

This thoroughly researched paper by Dave Dittrich at the University of Washington, reflects on how malware and cyber criminals have evolved their techniques and activites over recent years. Hybrid combinations of penetration methods make it more difficult to defend against the malware and good use of social engineering increases the success percentage. Nugache in fact […]