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3D Printing Stem Cell Bio-Ink

3D printing accumulates finely articulated layers to create complex three dimensional objects by extruding the material through jets, like ink-jet printers. Stem cells have shown tremendous potential to regenerate and replace tissues in human bodies. Using a polymer extracted from seaweed, researchers have created a “bio-ink” that contains stem cells and can be used in […]

Gel Grows New Blood Vessels in Rats

An injectable gel that has shown results in growing new blood vessels in rats is now being developed in pre-clinical trials at the University of Texas. If this therapy can be moved forward into human trials, it is hoped it will be useful for treating the deterioration of blood vessels in diabetics. Regenerating Blood Vessels […]

Fasting Diet Mimics Genetic Disease Protection

Laron Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes low levels of a growth hormone known as IGF-1. High levels of IGF-1 have been linked to cancer, diabetes and other diseases, while low levels seem to protect against them. There is a growing pool of evidence that various forms of intermittent fasting can also produce lower […]

Fixing Brains With Engineered Neural Tissue

Micro Tissue Engineered Neural Networks (micro-TENNs) are preformed neural network structures which can serve as a foundation for reconstruction of damaged brain pathways. These engineered tissues are being injected into the brains of lab rats for testing. If the neural network tissue is “trained” with a specific knowledge set before being injected, it might become […]

BioHacking and Security

Homebrew bio-hacking kits will enable bio-terrorism and change the face of security requirements. Once, genetic engineering required big expensive laboratory environments. A cheap kit won’t make you an instant genetic engineering expert but it can start you down the path to understanding how it works. Homebrew chemistry, electronics, and computer kits have sparked interest and […]