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Augmented Reality Will Help Firefighters

Augmented reality adds information to our experience of reality. In many cases, we take it for granted that we simply want to experience reality just as it is, but there are times when that is not true. In those cases, Augmented Reality (AR) becomes desirable because it enhances reality with more information instead of replacing […]

AR Foursome

An Augmented Reality (AR) filter could be used to change the appearance of our sex partner to any form we desire. This is real sex with a virtual skin. It won’t be long before we find two lovers having sex, with each wearing AR goggles to fantasize about somebody else. This could be considered a […]

Augmenting Reality

The current definition of “augmented reality” is when extra abstracted information is added to our view of reality. This is mostly envisioned as being overlays of information that are added to a viewing device, like a heads up display. The viewer can look around and see a real viewscape, but they are also offered a […]

Could We Tell If Our Universe Is A Simulation

The fact is that our universe IS a simulation, created by our own minds. What we perceive as solid objects are in fact, events in motion. Because we can’t discern motion at an atomic level, we abstract the idea that they are solid. With our minds, we create an illusion that allows us to interact […]

Integrated Viewing Surfaces

Telephones used to be large and heavy compared to today’s phones. They used to have handsets, cords and large rotating dials to enter numbers. Today, they are small, light, cordless and respond to voice interaction. Our viewing screens used to be large, heavy and came in box-like cases. They had antennas, got power from cords […]

Bionic Hearing Technology

Augmented auditory reality means super hearing aids that can both amplify and filter sound according to need and desire. Bluetooth earbuds controlled by a smartphone app that can equalize, filter and tune sounds allow the user to hear what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. Review: What Its Like to […]

AR Contact Lenses

Augmented Reality (AR) involves overlaying a display that allows the user to continue interacting with the surrounding environment while augmenting that scene with useful information. Heads up displays were a pioneer in this area, but the future of AR would seem to be in visors, glasses and contact lenses. Using transparent circuitry and small LED […]

Riding in a Self-driving Car

When we drive our cars, we take it for granted we will face forward with hands and feet on the controls and focus our attention on road events in front of us. But when a car can drive itself, those requirements mostly change or even disappear. We face forward to see exterior events through the […]

Transparency as Augmentation

First, watch this terrible car crash caused by lack of visibility (and a poor driving decision): Horror crash E40: Ford Focus vs truck accident (exit Aalter E40 Belgium) LONG VERSION – [] Then, consider how this new technology from Samsung could have prevented that crash: Samsung “The Safety Truck” – [] Finally, wonder how far […]

Virtual Tourism by Drone

The growing use of video recording from flying drones is opening up a new area of virtual tourism. Many drone produced videos have been posted online and now there are meta-sites which allow us to search and watch the videos based on location. In several cases the sites are linked to google maps and let […]