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Defending Against APT

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a cyber attack threat that typically comes from a team of attackers with advanced penetration skills, deep resources, specific target profiles and they tend to be very persistent in their efforts. They often have tools that are capable of circumventing defenses. They use stealthy tactics and show good situational awareness […]

Cyber Strategy Evolves

Cyber strategies continually evolve as the state of the art changes rapidly. Long ago and far away, the attackers just wanted to deface web pages, but that is no longer true. From Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) to Stuxnet, the attackers are now far more organized, experienced and sophisticated. Our defensive strategies must evolve to match […]

Cracking Stuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon

Ralph Langner: Cracking Stuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon – [ted.com] About this talk When first discovered in 2010, the Stuxnet computer worm posed a baffling puzzle. Beyond its unusually high level of sophistication loomed a more troubling mystery: its purpose. Ralph Langner and team helped crack the code that revealed this digital warhead’s final target […]

Agile Defense with NIST Controls

Agile Defense In the past, information systems security often focused simply on perimeter defense, wrongly assuming that a strong perimeter was the only defense needed. Then, as regulations became more complex and more legal, infosec became more “compliance-centric”, trying to pass the security audits required by law. Compliance oriented security produces reams of paperwork and […]

Security Control Matrix

This matrix is a map that correlates attackers methodology with NIST 800-53 security controls: ATTACK METHODOLOGY/CONTROL Recon General/Google RA-3 RISK ASSESSMENT – you can only reduce exposure and can never “stop” general reconnaissance, but you damn well better know what you’re defending before the attacker starts to find out Network scanning CM-7 LEAST FUNCTIONALITY – […]

Malware Evolution

This thoroughly researched paper by Dave Dittrich at the University of Washington, reflects on how malware and cyber criminals have evolved their techniques and activites over recent years. Hybrid combinations of penetration methods make it more difficult to defend against the malware and good use of social engineering increases the success percentage. Nugache in fact […]