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Ceramic Metal Composites

CERMETs are composites of ceramics combined with metals. Most ceramics are oxides of aluminum, magnesium, and beryllium. They are typically strong but brittle and offer both thermal and electrical insulating attributes. Metals on the other hand are more malleable and are usually good thermal and electrical conductors. Combinations of these features offer innovative applications. Rapid […]

Thin Strong Corrugated Aluminum Oxide

We are most familiar with aluminum oxide as corundum, a crystalline mineral. Corundum, combined with various impurities, form the gemstones ruby and sapphire. Many forms of aluminum oxide are considered to be ceramics, with typical characteristics of being hard, brittle and good insulators. University of Pennsylvania researchers have discovered that by using atomic layer deposition […]

The Moon as a Fuel Depot

There are good reasons to mine the Moon. Ice will supply water and oxygen for life, and hydrogen and oxygen for fuel. Aluminum and other metals can be extracted and formed into basic building block materials for construction. But both the ice and the building materials will be mostly thrown out into space for use […]

Smart Transparent Metallic Glass

In the world of Star Trek, “transparent aluminum” was described as being stronger and lighter than plexiglas. The article below discusses how “smart” glass that can react dynamically to changing light conditions is becoming more cost effective. Previous developments in technology point toward metallic versions of glass that are stronger than steel. The ability to […]

Super Hard Cubic Aluminum

Aluminum oxide (Al2-O3) in it’s crystalline form is known as corundum and is second to diamond on the hardness scale. When it includes traces of chromium, creating a red color, it is called ruby and with traces of chromium, titanium, iron or other elements creating other colors, it is called sapphire. Creating the Heart of […]

Aluminum Celmet Batteries

Celmet (cell+metal) is a porous, metallic mesh that is conductive and can store electric charge. Sumitomo Electric (SEI) has previously produced celmet using nickel based alloys, but now is producing an aluminum version that can triple the capacity of current lithium-ion batteries. This could also allow the creation of smaller and lighter batteries. Development of […]