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Space Habi-Craft

Space Habi-Craft


[artist conception from deepspaceindustries.com]

The drawing above shows how a habitat-craft wheel can be built using materials extracted from an asteroid. The most likely configuration for both space dwellings and space craft is a rotating wheel. The rotation of the wheel provides an outward force that replaces gravity, which is essential for long term health.

The amount of pseudo gravity that is produced depends upon the rotational speed and the distance from the center of the wheel. Faster rotations can produce dizzyness and nausea in some humans. It will be desirable to keep the rotation less than 2 rpm to minimize these affects. At least 1/3 G is needed for good health over long spans of time. These parameters combine to give us variable configurations that provide good ranges of size, rotational speed and gravitational force.

Habi-craft wheels will become both habitats for us to live in and transit facilities that allow us to move around. Larger wheels will become cities that move constantly and smaller wheels will use changing orbital trajectories to move between cities.

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