Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 6 – Lifestyle




  • Empty space is free (once you get there)
  • Energy is almost free from photovoltaic collectors
  • Valuable volatile gases and metals are easily available from asteroid mining
  • Building materials will be cheap and plentiful from asteroid mining
  • Computing/Com/Nav net
    • An information rich environment built on state of the art technology
    • Processing power and memory will be cheap
    • Communication capability built into everything, but delays across the system


  • Once the infrastructure of civilization is established in the asteroid belt, residents will enjoy a low cost of living and high standard of living. This will be driven by cheap resources and economic robotic labor costs.
  • Wealth is relatively easy to create with the availability of asteroid mining and the lucrative returns it brings.
    the wealth from mining will create a robust economy and new industries that flourish in the space environment of zero gravity and extreme cold.
  • Everybody in the asteroid belt will be wealthy by Earth standards, poverty will be nearly non-existent.
  • Many people will live from investments, savings, and profit sharing.
  • Most people will be able to choose whether they want to work for income or not.


  • Distances between cities are relatively large compared to living on a planet.
    • City to city on Earth = range from 10 kilometers (km) to 1,000(s) km
    • Earth to Moon = 400,000 km
    • Earth to Sun = 150,000,000 km, 8 light minutes
    • Earth to Mars when near = 74,000,000 km, 4 light minutes
    • Earth to Mars when far = 374,000,000 km, 20.8 light minutes
    • City to City in asteroid belt:
      • Inner edge to Outer edge when near = 403 million km, 22.4 light minutes
      • Inner edge to Outer edge when far = 943 million km, 104 light minutes
      • Outer edge to Outer edge = 1,346 million km, 150 light minutes
  • Distances between cities are constantly changing as orbital trajectories change the alignment of objects.


  • Needs will be different
    • Security, defense, justice and infrastructure will be handled on a local basis
    • Standard of living will be much higher, poverty and disease minimalized
    • Possibilities of free choice will be maximized – move or even build your own city-state
  • Results will be different
    • High value placed on independence and self reliance
    • City councils will administer security and justice
    • Health, education, welfare will be community functions supplied by free market exchange

Social environment

  • A leisure lifestyle is available to most
  • Philosophical thought and debate will flourish
  • Many influences and many variations create an environment of rich potential


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