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The Singularity is an Ascension

The Singularity is an Ascension

An Ascension is the act of an individual or group or species collectively raising their level of consciousness away from simple physical existence and toward spiritual existence. Because this describes an ascending beyond our current state, it is difficult to define. In science fiction, it ranges from a fairly static physical form with greatly enhanced wisdom, to beings that are composed of energy, to pure spiritual force.

A singularity is the result of an exponentially increasing rate of change that produces a point that exceeds normal ranges. The term, “the singularity” often refers to such an exponential expansion of human intelligence. This singularity of intelligence also produces similar rapid expansions of technology and other fields of knowledge. It makes sense that this would also produce an expansion of wisdom, or the ethical application of knowledge.

Depending on how we define an Ascension or The Singularity, there may be a thin line of difference between them, or even no difference at all. In both cases, we are theorizing about what will happen when we exceed our limits of reasonable extrapolation. In both cases, we are talking about accelerated improvement in areas of intelligence, ethics, wisdom, and spiritual awareness.

Any ascension that involves either rapid advances in technology or movement beyond the need for physical existence might involve some form of disappearing from the normal universe of observable light. And this becomes a possible explanation for the Fermi Paradox.

The Transcension Hypothesis – What comes after the singularity?

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Published on Apr 8, 2012
This ecstatic rant was edited by Kathleen Lakey, from TheLakeySisters…

What happens after the Singularity? THE TRANSCENSION HYPOTHESIS by John Smart offers an account of what comes after the technological singularity, also accounting for FERMI’S PARADOX….. Basically after our technological adolescent and expansionist explorations, we turn from outer space to inner space… our journey undergoes S.T.E.M. compression, the compression of Space, Time, Energy and Matter- until non biological minds live inside virtual worlds at the nano and femto scale, further compressing complexity until we create black hole-like conditions and disappear from the visible universe-

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