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The robots are here! From robo-rug-sweeper to autopilot to dishwasher to cruise control to car wash to bank teller and now to robo-chef. Automated devices are constantly making our lives easier by taking over menial chores. How well can an automated device perform at cooking? Will we soon be eating meals every day prepared by a machine?

The Robots Are The Chefs In This Japanese Restaurant – [singularityhub.com]

The robots are fully autonomous, taking a customer order and cooking it from start to finish. This includes boiling the noodles, pouring broth, adding spices and toppings, and so on. The orders are complex too, requiring the robots to take customer preference for amount and type of sauce, salt, noodle, and so on. The finished product is handed off to a human server who brings the food to the customer’s table. The irony could not be more real as we witness the lowly human in the role of a mere server while the robot takes on the cooking.

Reuters says the robots are serving 80 bowls of tasty ramen soup on a busy day. It takes the robots about 1 minute 40 seconds to cook a bowl that costs the equivalent of 7 US dollars.

Robot Chef Makes Octopus Balls – [technovelgy.com]

The food-savvy automaton wears a towel twisted rakishly over its upper module. The octopus balls are made individually, each one carefully made from scratch. The octopus balls are made in thirds; the cooking delicacy must be hand-turned after each portion cooks to add the next bit of dough, creating a perfect octopus ball.

The final steps include putting the octopus balls on a plate, basting each one with sauce, and shaking on some spices.

Let’s Pizza Robotic Pizzeria – [technovelgy.com]

As you can see in the Let’s Pizza video, it delivers a custom-made 12″ pizza with your selection of four toppings, bakes it in an infrared oven, and then dispenses your tasty treat for about $5 in just three minutes.

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