We Grow As Our Machines Grow

Human civilization history is a record of extending human effort through external means. The means used are often called “machines”. Our machines extend our reach and amplify our effort. They make us stronger, faster, more accurate, and even smarter.

We began with simple tools made from bones and rocks. We learned to use fire as a chemical tool, capable of many things including melting rocks into new substances and new kinds of tools. We used the new tools to develop a methodology of acquiring knowledge, which we call science. We created many generations of tools designed to make other tools, which can create other tools, and so on. We created tools designed to improve our vision, our hearing, and all our other senses. We used those tools to extend and expand our ability to observe and to communicate. We built tools that allow us to travel farther and faster and carry more. And finally, we now design and build tools to make us smarter.

As our machines grow in their ability, we also grow with them. They extend and enhance us and our abilities. We benefit as they grow in capability.

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