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Quality Education for Free

Quality Education for Free

If you have not yet taken a look at Khan Academy, you should.

KHANACADEMY – [khanacademy.org]

Founded by Salman Kahn in 2006, the academy is non-profit educational resource that uses youtube videos as a primary teaching/learning tool. The videos come in a short enough format to keep attention focused, usually in a range from 6-12 minutes, although this may vary with the subject area. The videos are tied together with a learning gradient map and short quizzes to confirm understanding before continuing to the next step.

The Academy began with mostly math tutorials and Salman Kahn demonstrates both an affinity for that subject and a talent for making it seem simple. He began by helping a 13 year old cousin who requested his tutoring. His Academy lessons most consist of a series of videos of an electronic blackboard he is writing/drawing on and his voice explaining the subject in the background. The lessons are self paced with many recognition techniques used to encourage progress.

Kahn Academy has expanded over time in more subject areas and now offers SAT preparation lessons and other testing regimes.

Many of us have experienced an exceptional teacher at one point in our education process. The result is usually an enhanced appreciation of that subject area and even some mastery in it. Salman Kahn shows us the future of education will be in finding the exceptional teachers and making their skill available to a wide audience at low cost.

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