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Hula Hoop Electron Quantum Magic

Hula Hoop Electron Quantum Magic

First, watch the hula hoop:

LED Hoop Demo

– [youtube.com]

Particle physicists have some difficulty describing the orbital mechanics of electrons inside an atom. Erwin Schrodinger wrote an equation that describes the electron as a wave form. But that equation seems to imply that there are more than three dimensions and it seems to be difficult to measure the exact location of an electron. So, some physicists decided that instead of an actual wave, Schrodingers equation must be describing states of probability. They decided that the electron can exist in a state that cannot be described until it is “observed” and then the probability state “collapses” into a real position. This is part of what we call “Quantum Mechanics”.

Quantum mechanics is not simple or intuitive and often difficult to explain. But most basic principles of physics are simple and intuitive when we understand them fully. Maybe there is a simple explanation for electron orbitals that does not include probability states that “collapse”.

Think about the hula hoop and imagine the performance is shrouded by smoke that comes up to the waist of the dancer. The dancer is the nucleus of the atom. The hula hoop is the electron “circling around” the nucleus. Any part of the hula hoop that is below her waist is not seen by us, but any part of the hula hoop that is above her waist is visible. When the hula hoop is circling right at her waist but wobbling slightly as it circles, it will mysteriously appear at various locations and then disappear. There appears to be some rhythm to the action, but it does not seem to be continuous and therefore cannot be describe as a wave function when we can’t see the bottom half.

Now watch the hula hoop again and think about the smoke and the orbits of electrons.

Now watch what happens when we study an atom with more than one electron:
Satya Bella Hypnotizing Mutli-Phoenix LED Hoop Act

– [youtube.com]

Simplifying Quantum Mechanics is Possible
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