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Penetrating the Singularity Horizon Veil

Penetrating the Singularity Horizon Veil

The singularity horizon is a limit to our ability to comprehend what is happening as intelligence and knowledge explode in the near future. There are some things we will be able to understand, and there are others that will be elusive.

We already know that the singularity will involve intelligence, but we often struggle to imagine a level of intelligence vastly superior to our own. We can postulate that an increase in intelligence will include extrapolations of our current level, but faster, more precise and based on a wider foundation of knowledge. As intelligence increases, so does ability to analyse, ability to predict, and ability to choose wisely. This increases our ability to make good ethical decisions, which in turn expands our comprehension and knowledge.

A positive feedback loop cascade of steadily improving ethics that spawns growth in intelligence that provides better ethics can produce a singularity that will be notable not just for an increase in intelligence but also a commensurate increase in ethics. It is not just intelligence (in terms of speed and power) that will be growing, but also the wisdom to apply it well.

In order to increase our ability to penetrate the veil of incomprehension at the edge of the singularity horizon, we must increase both our level of ethics and our understanding of how it fits into the singularity process.

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