Intel Quark Chips are for Wearables and Things

Intel announces a new line of tiny chips that are one fifth the size of the Atom chip and use one tenth of the power. They hope these ultra small chips will be used in wearable devices and other integrated electronics.

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How This Tiny Chip Can Make A Big Impact in Wearable Tech

The tech press and Twitter is a buzz this morning with latest announcement from Intel about its ultra-small chip, called Quark. Unveiled at IDF 2013, Intel’s top leaders, CEO Brain Krzanich and Intel President Renee James explained how Quark (one fifth the size of the Atom chip) can position Intel as a key ingredient in wearable tech and the internet of things.

Here is what other press outlets and tech blogs are saying about Quark.

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The Future of Entertainment series by iQ by Intel and PSFK Labs is highlighting the latest in entertainment innovation. Over the course of 10 weeks at, we are showcasing new products, services and technologies, exploring the changing face of how we consume, share and create content and getting reactions from Intel experts.

Intel Unveils Tiny, Low-Power Quark Chip For Internet of Things – []

To be clear, it isn’t about Intel’s stamp of approval on wearables and the Internet of Things. Rather, the fact they’re jumping in with both feet is more a sign of market maturity. Sure, we’ve been talking about this stuff for years. But it’s now been de-risked enough for big, conservative firms, like Intel, to climb aboard.

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