Deformable Electronic Circuits

Thermoplastics are a class of polymer that can be heated and molded into new shapes which harden when cooled, then reheated and remolded many times. Meander geometry describes the snaking curves often found in rivers and other similar forms. Meander shaped wires are configured in a snaking pattern which allows them to bend and stretch. By combining meander interconnects with thermoplastics, it becomes possible to create circuits that are deformable and can be shaped for a particular configuration need.

Thermoplastic Polymer

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This amazingly versatile polymer can be heated and molded over and over again! It falls into a class known as thermoplastics. The melting point for this material is quite low, only 58 degrees C to 60 degrees C (about 136 to 140 degrees F), so it can be melted in hot water and molded by hand. It can also be cut or extruded. Safe and biodegradable. Available at…

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Stretchable technology
A stretchable electronic circuit is considered as a number of rigid or flexible component islands which are connected by elastic interconnections (Figure 1). Stretchable interconnections are achieved by embedding meander shaped metal wires in an elastic base material (Figure 2). Stretchabilities of 50% and more using our technologies have been obtained and also the possibility to embed components has been demonstrated (Figure 3).

Imec and Ghent University Present Thermoplastically Deformable Electronic Circuits – []

At this week’s Meeting of the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS 2015), imec and CMST (imec’s associated lab at Ghent University) present a novel technology for thermoplastically deformable electronics enabling low-cost 2.5D free-form rigid electronic objects. The technology is under evaluation in Philips LED lamp carriers, a downlight luminaire and a omnidirectional lightsource, to demonstrate the potential of this technology in innovative lighting applications.

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