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Life Can Be Suspended – Then Continued

Life Can Be Suspended – Then Continued

The concept of suspended animation has been used in science fiction for many years. As medical science has advanced, our ability to extend life has grown to the point where it is difficult to define the difference between “alive” and “dead”. There are many documented cases of hypothermia (extreme cold) slowing down body functions and allowing drowning victims to be revived without major damage to brain or organs. In 2002, researchers recreated this process in pigs by replacing their blood with a cold saline solution. Now, the same technique will be attempted on humans who would otherwise die from traumatic injuries. It’s easy to imagine this process being improved rapidly to allow more time for the doctors to repair trauma damage before the induced hypothermia needs to be reversed. When the time frame grows into weeks and then months, we will have achieved the “suspended animation” state that used to be only fiction.

Humans will be kept between life and death in the first suspended animation trials – [extremetech.com]

At a hospital in Pittsburgh, surgeons are now allowed to place patients into a state of suspended animation. If a patient arrives with a traumatic injury, and attempts to restart their heart have failed — if they’re on the doorstep of death — they will have their blood replaced with a cold saline solution, which stops almost all cellular activity. At this point, the patient is clinically dead — but if the doctors can fix the injury within a few hours, they can be returned to life from suspended animation by replacing the saline with blood.

Gunshot victims to be suspended between life and death – [newscientist.com]

Doctors will try to save the lives of 10 patients with knife or gunshot wounds by placing them in suspended animation, buying time to fix their injuries

NEITHER dead or alive, knife-wound or gunshot victims will be cooled down and placed in suspended animation later this month, as a groundbreaking emergency technique is tested out for the first time.

Surgeons are now on call at the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to perform the operation, which will buy doctors time to fix injuries that would otherwise be lethal.

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