Germ Free Textiles

Making fabric products that are always germ free may be possible soon.

New UGA technology makes textiles permanently germ-free – []

A University researcher has invented a new technology that can inexpensively render medical linens and clothing, face masks, paper towels — and yes, even diapers, intimate apparel and athletic wear, including smelly socks — permanently germ-free.

The simple and inexpensive anti-microbial technology works on natural and synthetic materials. The technology can be applied during the manufacturing process or at home, and it doesn’t come out in the wash. Unlike other anti-microbial technologies, repeated applications are unnecessary to maintain effectiveness.

Permanent Attachment of Antimicrobial onto Cellulosic Materials and Textiles – []

Suggested Uses

Rendering any cellulosic material with permanent, broad spectrum, antimicrobial activity. Examples include fibers, fabrics, paper filters, undergarments, medical textiles, A/C filters. Rendering certain synthetic polymers (and materials employing them) also with permanent, broad spectrum, antimicrobial activity. Possible domestic use for the conversion of existing garment items.

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