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When Virtual Worlds Become Larger Than the Real World

When Virtual Worlds Become Larger Than the Real World

Virtual and augmented environments are becoming more complex and more vivid as computing and graphics power grows. By networking many computers together and sharing the processing capability, it becomes possible to create massive virtual environments that are certainly larger than the total space within which most of us live our lives.

In the near future, we can anticipate even more growth in computing power at lower cost, and that will enable more complexity and variety in virtual worlds. More sophisticated software will make it easy to create and expand these environments dynamically as required. We will become involved in virtual games, social interactions, entertainment, collaboration, intellectual immersion, research efforts and more, that have the ability to expand spontaneously.

By using robotic machines to tend to body functions and any other needed interactions with the real world, we will be able to spend most if not all of our time immersed in augmented and virtual reality environments. This has some obvious downsides and dangers but also large potential on the upside in terms of “flow” enhanced productivity and increased connectivity with others. It will be our choice how we decide to use our new tools.

What Is the Metaverse? Philip Rosedale’s Big Dream for Immersive Virtual Worlds – [singularityhub.com]

What is the metaverse? It’s Philip Rosedale’s second crack at playing god—at least in the virtual sense. Rosedale created his first virtual world, Second Life, in 2002. Now, he and his new company, High Fidelity, are building another world in silica—and this time, they’re thinking on planetary scales.

Speaking at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) conference this week, Rosedale said that by harnessing the shared power of home PCs, “We could collectively create a space whose literal scale is comparable to the landmass of the planet Earth.” Sound ambitious? It is, and it isn’t.

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